#Ayn Rand & the GOP vs. Jesus

This is a smart ad. Some may see it as manipulative, I guess, but it’s true. This is where the inconsistencies of a lot of conservatives and Christian voters come to light, and they are smart to point it out. Many politicians are campaigning on family” or Christian values” while believing deeply in an economic philosophy that is directly opposed.

I don’t think it’s necessarily intentional, though. Like that article I posted yesterday about bad Christian art, it’s not always a directed or willful tendency. It’s ignorance about what they say they believe. It’s superficially attaching yourself to a belief system without working out what it means fully in your life.

If you say you follow Jesus, then you believe in the Sermon on the Mount. If you don’t believe the Sermon on the Mount, you don’t believe Jesus. If you believe in Ayn Rand, you don’t believe in the Sermon on the Mount. It’s very simple, but it shifts the foundations of what many people have grown up believing in. I know it did for me, and I’ve been unlearning it over the past year or so.

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