#Best O The Year That Was: 2007 (4 stars)

So this is it; my best of the year.

I took a little while, and I’ve listened to a lot of music over the past few weeks to catch up, but i have complied what I believe in my limited scope to be the best albums released in the year 2007. I only posted the albums that I thought were 4 or 5 stars…these are the 4 stars.

The Acorn // Tin Fist
Key Song: Brokered Heart

Aqualung // Memory Man
Key Song: Vapour Trail

Athlete // Beyond the Neighbourhood
Key Song: Airport Disco

Battles // Mirrored
Key Song: Atlas

Bear Colony // We Came Here to Die
Key Song: Hospital Rooms Aren’t For Lovers

The Bird and the Bee // The Bird and the Bee
Key Song: Birds and the Bees

Blonde Redhead // 23
Key Song: Publisher

Calvin Harris // I Created Disco
Key Song: This Is the Industry

Caribou // Andorra
Key Song: Eli

David Crowder Band // The Remedy
Key Song: The Glory of It All

Ezra Furman & the Harpoons // Banging Down the Doors
Key Song: I Wanna Be Ignored

The Fratellis // Costello Music
Key Song: Flathead

The Hives // The Black and White Album
Key Song: T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S.

Kayne West // Graduation
Key Song: Stronger

Lily Allen // Alright, Still
Key Song: LDN

Maroon 5 // It Won’t Be Soon Before Too Long
Key Song: Wake Up Call

Paolo Nutini // These Streets
Key Song: Jenny, Don’t Be Hasty

Sondre Lerche // Phantom Punch
Key Song: Phantom Punch

Various // Across the Universe Soundtrack
Key Song: Strawberry Fields Forever

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