#FM Radio Doesn’t Suck

Yes. I just said fm radio” and doesn’t suck” in the same sentence. At least not anymore (here in Birmingham anyway).

While a relative newcomer to the area, I have noticed that the radio around here is somewhat lacking. The only real options I have are to listen to AM 960, or The Vulcan, where it’s cool to spin Lightning Crashes” by Live 4 times an hour (I kid not…) but now we have a choice. 100.5 WWMM has come online, and boy, is it good. so far. 

Here’s the first hour’s playlist:

  1. Radio Nowhere // Bruce Springsteen
  2. Radio Free Europe // R.E.M.
  3. I Will Possess Your Heart // Death Cab For Cutie
  4. Daughter // Pearl Jam
  5. Viva La Vida // Coldplay
  6. You Get What You Give // New Radicals
  7. Suddenly I See // KT Tunstall
  8. Don’t You Evah // Spoon
  9. All These Things That I’ve Done // The Killers
  10. Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses // U2
  11. Hallelujah // Jeff Buckley
  12. Shattered // O.A.R.
  13. 1234 // Feist
  14. So Lonely // The Police
  15. Mercy // Duffy

A little heavy on the nostalgia, but definitely worth listening to. This post was mainly for Tyler…I know he’ll be interested.

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