#In case anyone needed another reason to dislike Frank Gehry

This will probably help you out.

So, since around 2008, the U.S. has wanted to build a memorial to Dwight D. Eisenhower. They held a competition, and Gehry’s team won. They have since worked 3 years to produce this:

Apparently, the giant limestone columns pay homage to the memorial traditions of the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials,” and support woven stainless steel mesh panels with images from Eisenhower’s life, communicating Eisenhower’s humility, humble origins, and quiet use of power, the classic American archetype of the self-made hero’.”

They also supplied these perspectives of the site, presumably in an effort to make people hate the design even more:

Personally, I think it’s horrible. Unequivocally terrible. The only remotely feasible explanation for this design? Gehry has decided to memorialize Eisenhower by invoking what may be his most lasting presidential achievement: the Interstate Highway System.

Giant fancy billboards with Eisenhower’s face on them, framing the U.S. Capitol and blocking the Department of Education building.

On second thought, it may be perfect.

More here.

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