Good interview with Alan Enrenhalt, author of The Great Inversion and the Future of the American City, about, well, city inversion. (via Atlantic Cities)

Another great piece by Chuck Marohn on why the way we build infrastructure is all wrong. Badly, badly wrong. Forward this to all your government officials. (via DC Streetsblog)

Researchers have found 150,000 methane seeps in Alaska and Greenland, exposed by melting glaciers and permafrost. Shouldn’t be a problem. Probably not a sign of anything important. (via Daily Mail)

Even if it gets approved, the Keystone pipeline will still face the tremendous problem of property acquisition This will naturally involve eminent domain. It’s amazing how quickly oil money can change opinions on using eminent domain for private business. (via Washington Monthly)

Canada is cutting funding to the world’s premier freshwater research station. Because water is less important than tax cuts. (via Toronto Star)


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