Many times I run across an article that I like or find interesting, but either don’t have time or don’t feel like blogging about it. Usually it’s because I agree, or at least don’t have a reaction to it strong enough to drive me to ranting. At the same time, I don’t want to just repost articles on here without comment. So, whenever I have a decent collection of these stored up, I’ll dump them on here for your reading pleasure.

Can Design Influence Memory? Exploring how spatial organization can influence the mental narratives we construct to learn, retain and apply information.” (via ArchDaily)

Housing Boom = Baby Boom Short-term increases in house prices lead to a decline in births among non-owners and a net increase among owners.” (via Wonkblog)

A Good Use for All Those Empty Suburban Developments With crop prices soaring and housing in a deep slump, the economics of land investment have turned upside down. Farmers and investors are buying land that had been slated for development and using it for agriculture. And they are paying a small fraction of what housing developers paid for the same land before the recession.” (via Atlantic Cities)

Imagining an Elastic City What if American cities embraced the unplanned in order to create elastic” physical and social structures? Environments could grow and shrink dynamically, with reversible structures and social systems that are managed but unplanned. Is it possible to formalize flexibility, or would it lose its character and its promise?” (via polis)


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