#Moviefilm: Control

I had been making a go of finishing this movie for the last several days, but tonight I finally polished off control, a don’t-call-it-a-documentary about the band Joy Division.

I had heard of them, and actually have some of their music, but I had never really listened to it. I had heard the movie was good, and I had heard (though not through my own ear for influences) that they were very influential to a lot of the bands that have come up the last few years, with The Killers’ first album one of the first big albums to borrow heavily from the band. The movie itself was pretty good. a bit slow, and incredibly depressing, which is, apparently, inevitable with anything that relates to this band. If you’ve had too good a day and need something to bring you back down, this will do the trick.

I see movies of these peoples’ lives, and I think, Man, that would cool to be in his position; you have a group of friends who get together and make strikingly fresh and new music that puts you on the map. you have a wife that loves you and would do anything for you. It’s good. Then it falls apart.”

I can’t say I want to know what that is like.

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