#No Walkin’ in Memphis (Gardens)

So this is an outrage. Please read this story, pass it along, and contact the judge hearing the case. Here’s the email I sent him:

Judge Potter,

Though not a resident of Memphis, I have many friends that reside in the city, and I visit frequently. I am well aware of the troubles that Memphis faces, and a teacher growing a garden in his yard should not even remotely be considered a nuisance.” Not only is he just gardening, but he is going the extra mile as a teacher to show some kids how to grow their own food.

In what universe would this ever be considered a bad thing? I would like to understand the thought process that went into charging this man. You have a city that is crime-ridden, with terrible schools, and this teacher is going the extra mile to show some kids a useful skill. You should be rewarding him and holding him up as a example, not trying to tamp him down. This is pretty unbelievable, and to charge him with a crime would be an outrage.

I hope you use this case to make a statement about what the real issues in Memphis are. Mr. Guerrero is part of the solution, not the problem.

Here’s some more info about the garden: Mr. Brown Thumb, Memphis Flyer.

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