#Pretty in Garnet

This weekend, a bunch of ACs friends came into town to go shopping for dresses (bridesmaid and bride) for the upcoming nuptials. The ones they chose are very classy (the bridesmaids) and supposedly classy (the bride; I have not and will not see it until the day of).

Speaking of the day of, keep your calendars open for January 10. We have pretty much settled on this day, so I can almost gay-ron-tea it. If you go to the great Wikipedia, you can see all the famous and moderately famous people that have been born and pronounced dead on this day. There’s also a large list of events, one of which is, ironically, the secession of Florida (my home state) from the union. We all saw how that turned out, so maybe I’m making the best decision.

I am currently designing the invitations, directions card, bulletins, all that, doing my best imitation of one that AC found online that she really liked. Mississippi State printing services is much more reasonable than the invitation sites. Like, 200% more reasonable.

We also want to get Chris Scotts services for photographer. If you have not seen this man’s abilities, please check him out. And please do not book him for Jan 10.

Well, on to work. Yes, work. On a Sunday. but it’s important. It’s nice to be doing something important now, rather than school.

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