#The Dusk Of Summer

If you don’t already know, yewknee has been running The 2nd Annual Summer Mix Series over at his site. Since I love making stellar mixes of other people’s music, Casey and I decided to make one ourselves. This here, The Dusk Of Summer, is the product of at least two late nights and much file transferring. And boy, is it worth the wait.

The theme is, obviously, the end of summer. School is starting back (for the less-employed of us), girlfriends are leaving town, and your usually peaceful downtown entertainment district home is about to be flooded with unruly youngins. So burn this to a disc (or, if you are hardcore, record it onto an actual magnetic tape), sit back, and listen. Preferably in your car, in the evening, driving to somewhere you wish you were but know you will from now on only be visiting. But you can make your own applications. This might be the best baby-making music you ever heard. Whatever you do with it, enjoy it.

Here’s the tracklist:

  1. I Will Possess Your Heart // Death Cab For Cutie
  2. On The Radio // Autovaughn
  3. Hallelujah // The Helio Sequence
  4. Black Like Me // Spoon
  5. Someone To Keep Us Warm // The Silent Years
  6. Indian Summer // Pedro The Lion
  7. Dream Cars // Neon Neon
  8. Not Lived Out // Disappointed By Candy
  9. Three Seed // Silversun Pickups
  10. Count Souvenirs // Junior Boys
  11. There Goes The Sun // The Pernice Brothers
  12. My Own Fault // Maria Taylor
  13. Gold In The Air Of Summer // Kings Of Convenience
  14. The Summer Ends // American Football
  15. Burned And Blistered // Chris Staples

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