I run across a good number of videos over the course of the week, and I want to start sharing the best ones with you. Enjoy!

How to Use One Paper Towel // Seriously, this is a great presentation. Shake! Fold!

A Story For Tomorrow // One couple’s journey through Chile. Beautiful.

Welcome to Life // The singularity, while being an incredibly cool/scary idea, might have some trouble dealing with intellectual property rights as they currently stand.

The Baronton Sisters // An amazing old clip from the Ed Sullivan Show. All I can think about is how painful perfecting this act must have been.

Gatorrada // Cat + buttered toast = perpetual energy. It’s so simple!

Cat Puke Complitation // Fantastic. If you’re looking for cat puke, though, this complitation is kinda of lame.

Nick Hanauer’s TED Talk on taxes // This has been the subject of some controversy, with the head guy at TED sayng it was too partisan” to post. It’s a weird world when facts become too partisan.


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