#What the Hell IS on Joey’s Head?

The year so far has seen some great releases. Nothing too big time, but some good music nonetheless. Here’s a take:

Blizten Trapper // Wild Mountain Nation

If you pride yourself on having a fairly broad taste in music, but hate the annoyance of having to switch artists and genres anytime your oft-changing whims desire something different, this is one to listen for. Everything from psycho-pop to bluegrass jams, it has nearly everything (except bill cosby rapping). Good stuff.

3.5 Cobs

Jon Foreman // Fall and Winter

Jon Foreman, lead singer for Switchfoot, is putting out a set of 4 EPs, each named after a season. The first 2, Fall and Winter, were released at the beginning of the month. Quite a departure from what would be expected considering his band, Foreman conveys a much more Elliott Smith-type vibe with his music, a little more Let That Be Enough” than Stars.” I haven’t listened to the whole album, but from what I have heard, it is absolutely great.

4.5 cobs

Vampire Weekend // Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend has been the toast of the indie community for some time now, and while I hate hate hate to be on the bandwagon for anything, this album is truly worth it. It’s compact, concise, and fun to listen to. My favorite record of the year so far.

5 cobs

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