#Why We Like Chain Stores

Well maybe not you, or me, but somebody likes them or they wouldn’t be everywhere. This article goes into some detail about a reason for chain-store-proliferation I hadn’t really though of before.

Because we are a mobile society (though becoming less so), we desire some sort of familiarity when moving to a new place or visiting somewhere. Chain stores provide that, so are therefore successful. And I’ll admit; it was nice to have a Wal-mart in Playa del Carmen, Mexico on my honeymoon. But later on in the trip we went to a local market in Valladolid, which was an amazing experience.

I wonder, what did we miss in Playa del Carmen by going to Wal-mart instead of a local mercado? What do we miss by avoiding local places in favor of chains?

How important is it for us to realize the relevance of the fact that the good ole days” in America did not include Wal-mart, McDonalds, or Lowe’s?

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