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2017-03-01 Best Albums of 2016 Since getting a record player last year, I haven’t been as interested in keeping up with everything new. I’d do a year-end rush and listen to a ton 2016-01-23 Best Songs of 2015 Ok, yeah, so this has been ready for like months, but I haven’t posted it because I’m lazy. Anyway, best 50 from the past year. California // 2016-01-06 Best Albums of 2015 Here it is, my long-anticipated, eagerly-awaited yearly take on the best music of the year. Every album has a Spotify link in the title. Best 50 2011-12-26 Top 25 of 2011 This isn’t in any particular order, as my favorite varied throughout the year. Instead, I chose the alphabet. Here’s a link to a playlist where you