2017-03-01 Best Albums of 2016 Since getting a record player last year, I haven’t been as interested in keeping up with everything new. I’d do a year-end rush and listen to a ton 2016-08-21 Hello Summer 2016 Seeing as the leaves are about to start changing here in western Montana, I should probably go ahead and post this. Thoroughly road-tested and 2016-01-23 Best Songs of 2015 Ok, yeah, so this has been ready for like months, but I haven’t posted it because I’m lazy. Anyway, best 50 from the past year. California // 2016-01-06 Best Albums of 2015 Here it is, my long-anticipated, eagerly-awaited yearly take on the best music of the year. Every album has a Spotify link in the title. Best 50 2016-01-04 Best Albums of 2014 Here’s the list, in alphabetical order. Spotify links, all. Angel Olson // Burn Your Fire For No Witness Beck // Morning Phase Damien Jurado // 2015-01-08 Best Songs of 2014 Finally finished my top 50 list for this year. So much good music…had a lot to wade through. Last year I just listed them in alphabetical order, but 2014-12-14 Christmas 2014 A short, relaxed Christmas playlist, especially good if you’re kind of over the standards by this point. Christmas Is A-COMING // Lead Belly Merry 2014-02-03 Tuesday_10/020414 Soon or Never // Punch Brothers Takmit // Saintseneca Anagram // Young the Giant Felicity // Rain Dog Step by Step // Jesse Winchester Scared 2014-01-21 Tuesday_10/012114 Down to the Sound // Bibio Silver Timothy // Damien Jurado Second Bite of the Apple // Beady Eye Digital Witness // St. Vincent Worms // Youth 2014-01-18 The best pants Just wanted to stop in and wholeheartedly endorse Carhartt WIP Slim Pants as the best pants in the world (that I own). They fit perfectly, are 2014-01-04 Favorite Pic from 2013 Ever since my wife and I got iPhones back in May of 2012, our picture-taking has been through the roof (having two kids in time has certainly 2013-12-29 Best Albums of 2013 2013 Collage of Album Art Here’s the list, in alphabetical order. Rdio links, all. There’s quite a range here, from the noise of Holden and the 2013-12-29 Posting Old Thoughts Here I am, trying a new blog thing. I’ve moved everything I’ve posted from blogspot and other personal sites onto here, chronologically correct and 2013-08-10 Ain't Got Air Conditioning So I Play This Instead There’s no a/c in this apartment. Had to do something. Pacifics (NY Is Red Hot) // Digable Planets Here Comes The Meter Man // The Meters Drifting 2013-05-01 Hello, PDX A little playlist for our arriving in the land of Ports. On the Road // Angus and Julia Stone All Land Crabs and Divinity Ghosts // The Cave 2013-01-08 Tuesday_10/010813 Lighthouse // The Roots Be Above It // Tame Impala Nightcall // Kavinsky Hold My Breath // Holy Ghost! Over Your Heart // Rob Crow Thought Ballune 2012-12-29 Best Songs of 2012 And finally, here’s my Best Songs of 2012 playlist. Scroll down for a playlist. Enjoy! fun. // Some Nights (w/intro) Shovels and Rope // O’ Be 2012-12-28 Best Albums of 2012 A flood of great music this year. I’ve also realized in building this list that I have started to do a lot more song-listening than album-listening. 2012-12-27 Most Listened of 2012 Time for the annual music posts again. Seems to be the only regular bloggy thing I can manage to keep up with. Previously, I covered which albums 2012-12-26 Best of 2011 People always make these end-of-the-year best lists (me included), but how many go back and see how their picks from last year held up? The idea is 2012-09-24 Welcome, Fall from jrenglish on 8tracks Radio. Here’s a little mix to celebrate the return of amazing weather and beautiful colors. Bloodflood // 2012-07-10 Tuesday_10/071012 The Night of Wine and Roses // Japandroids Somebody Like You // AM & Shawn Lee Do It Anyway // Ben Folds Five Man On Fire // Edward Sharpe 2012-07-05 Moving a bunch of my posts from to here. Price is going up on Virb, and while it’s a great sitebuilding service, I can’t justify 2012-07-03 Tuesday_10/070312 No Depression // Uncle Tupelo Blue Eyes // Middle Brother My Better Self // Tennis C’Mere // Interpol The Body Says No // The New Pornographers Fly 2012-06-26 Tuesday_10/062612 Wild Light // Wild Cub Cramp Your Style // Breakstra Breezeblocks // Alt-J Fineshrine // Purity Ring Move to the Ocean (Baauer Remix) // 2012-06-19 Tuesday_10/061912 Working Man // Tim Brantley Brothers // The War on Drugs Friend of the Devil // Counting Crows Brace Yourself // Howie Day Car Crash // Matt 2012-06-12 Tuesday_10/061212 You // Rogue Wave Life Effect // Stars Westside // Athlete Something Good Can Work // Two Door Cinema Club Stadium Love // Metric Sweet Disposition 2012-06-05 Tuesday_10/060512 Walking On The Moon // The Police Camera Talk // Local Natives Lonely Lonely // The Belle Brigade My Sweet Lord // George Harrison My Hit And Run 2012-05-29 Tuesday_10/052912 Ivory Coast // Pure Bathing Culture Is That Clear // Nick Waterhouse Howolding Girls // Birthdays Boy With A Coin // Iron and Wine Hurricane // MS 2012-05-24 Videos/052412 Turns out you CAN open a beer with a chainsaw. Not going to try this. Crazy Russian kids playing on a crane. If you have a problem with heights, I 2012-05-22 Tuesday_10/052212 Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again // Bob Dylan Black Hole // Aqualung My Friend Marcus // Manchester Orchestra Confidently 2012-05-22 Linkages/052212 Good interview with Alan Enrenhalt, author of The Great Inversion and the Future of the American City, about, well, city inversion. (via Atlantic 2012-05-21 Linkages/052112 Beautiful work by PGA pro Ben Crenshaw and his golf course design firm. Designing this way wouldn’t just be best for golf courses, you know. (via 2012-05-17 Videos/051712 I run across a good number of videos over the course of the week, and I want to start sharing the best ones with you. Enjoy! How to Use One Paper 2012-05-17 Linkages/051712 The housing recovery may be starting, but only if your house is in a walkable, mixed-income neighborhood. Take note, developers. Urban infill is 2012-05-16 Linkages/051612 The Potomac is America’s Most Endangered River. Maybe there really is something in the water… (via American Rivers) An organic teaching farm is 2012-05-15 Tuesday_10/051512 Haven’t made any mixtapes lately, so I want to try to do something that will make me make them. Hence, this. Every Tuesday, I’ll post ten good 2012-05-15 Linkages/051512 Superweeds might end up being sustainable ag’s best hope for government action. (via GOOD) More and more people are embracing the Sustainable Sites 2012-05-14 And We're Back... It’s been a little while, but I’ve been busy with a few things, namely this: this: this: oh yeah, and this guy: So yeah, it’s been a busy 2012-01-06 Gov. Buddy Roemer's Campaign Challenge to Obama I wish this guy had more votes. Depending on where Paul is by the time Mississippi’s primary rolls around, I just might cast mine for him. What he 2011-12-26 Top 25 of 2011 This isn’t in any particular order, as my favorite varied throughout the year. Instead, I chose the alphabet. Here’s a link to a playlist where you 2011-12-24 Linkages/122411 The Folly of Corporate Relocation Incentives “‘”It’s economically moronic, even though it tracks a nationwide trend of Big Government handing over 2011-12-14 Linkages/121411 What’s a National Park Worth to an Area? Quite a Lot, Study Shows “‘In fiscal year 2009, area national park visitor spending contributed to an 2011-12-05 Nothing is New In George MacDonald’s book Lilith, an exchange takes place between the main character, Mr. Vane, and a woman of the town of Bulika, the capital of 2011-12-04 SketchUp ScrewUps I’m still working on my design. And while I agree with Odie that it is bittersweet, I will be more than happy to take a break from my good old 2011-11-28 Linkages/112811 Atlanta, Then and Now (1871 to 2011) A pretty standard comparison showing how much has changed. This one attracts me in particular because I spent 2011-11-26 A Little Post-Black Friday Song of the Day you cut your leg off to save a buck or two / because you never consider the cost you find the lowest prices everyday / but would you look at 2011-11-22 Linkages/112211_2 Making the Case for the Value of Environmental Rules”In a 2010 analysis of rules passed in the prior decade, the non-partisan Office of Management 2011-11-22 Moses Bridge I saw the title of this entry on ArchDaily and got excited. Turns out, it’s exactly what I was hoping for. Impractical? Sure. Potentially a 2011-11-22 Linkages/112211 As Congress Moves to Slash Budget for Conservation and National Parks, Businessmen Speak Out “Conservation and preservation programs constitute 2011-11-22 Getting the Word Out After reading Beau’s post about Mississippi State being on cutting edge of topics like Ecological Urbanism, I got to thinking about why we don’t get 2011-11-16 Suburban Nation, Ch. 7: Everybody's a Victim In chapter seven of Suburban Nation, the authors attempt to make the reader aware of the scope of victimhood associated with sprawl. They do a great 2011-11-16 Linkages/111611 Many times I run across an article that I like or find interesting, but either don’t have time or don’t feel like blogging about it. Usually it’s 2011-11-15 Guide to the Situationist City In conjunction with the paper I previously posted, we had to develop a poster illustrating our topic. For some, it was details about a particular 2011-11-11 The Situationist City: New Babylon and Virtual Urbanism The material world can be a drag on our spirits, as the Police would say. Wu-Tang agrees. Cash rules everything around us, exerting its influence on 2011-11-09 But There's a Sidewalk! An engineer-who-hates-engineers’s takedown of a diverging diamond intersection in Springfield, Missouri. “We’ve got a beautiful view of Interstate 2011-11-09 More of This, Please When I think of national park pavilions, I usually picture something like this: A roof over your head, some rustic detailing, and some tables to 2011-11-05 Mapping the Twitters Twitter heat map of NYC The people over at Trendsmap are really into mapping Twitter data. So, they’ve put together a series of visualizations for 2011-11-04 The Sequence Constructed in Brussels, Belgium by artist Arne Quinze, “The Sequence” is made of nothing but orange-painted pieces of wood. It winds through a 2011-11-04 Amorphous Wood Have a couple more blobby wood structures to post. I really like these projects, because I feel like they point to an interesting direction for 2011-11-03 Suburban Nation, Ch. 6: Wherein the Developer is a Tragic Figure You know them. The Tragic Figures, the hapless characters that meets their end from a string of circumstances they did not initiate. They would do 2011-11-02 The Important Difference Between a Road and a Street Chuck Marohn is the director of the non-profit group Strong Towns, a group focused on what they call the root of America’s systemic problems: our 2011-10-29 A Park on the Tower A new tower in Milan is being billed not as a skyscraper, but as a vertical forest: They say it only adds 5% to construction costs, which I imagine 2011-10-28 In case anyone needed another reason to dislike Frank Gehry This will probably help you out. So, since around 2008, the U.S. has wanted to build a memorial to Dwight D. Eisenhower. They held a competition, 2011-10-28 In the spirit of Halloween Behold this pretty perfect music video by Squirrel Nut Zippers: 2011-10-28 Why I'm Voting No on 26 For those not in the know, Mississippi is voting on what is called a “personhood” amendment on November 8. The campaign’s been going on for a while, 2011-09-29 Visions of Utopia In class Tuesday we screened bits and pieces of the documentary Visions of Utopia: Experiments in Sustainable Culture. The film discusses the 2011-09-29 Functional Diagrams After going through the inventory & analysis process, the next step is to investigate how the site should be laid out. Functional diagrams are 2011-09-27 Jackson Street Inventory & Analysis The next step in the process is to fully inventory and analyze the prospective site. This involves a lot of information gathering and 2011-09-27 Picking a Site After we looked at some built examples around town, Taze had us find three undeveloped parcels of land in town that we felt had potential for 2011-09-27 Some Actual Schoolwork The next few posts are going to consist of a little catching up. I haven’t posted any actual classwork on my class blog yet, so I need to get it up 2011-09-23 Speaking of GSD... Mediating Mediums - The Digital 3d [Short Version] from Greg Tran on Vimeo. This video is by Greg Tran, a student at Harvard GSD. It’s all about how 2011-09-23 Tenuous At Best This has very little to do with landscape architecture or the class, but in the spirit of community I thought I would pass along a new video from 2011-09-23 Architectural Pomposity Props to Cate Blanchett for mocking the design industry’s tendency to bullshit about their work. Loved it. Let’s make a pact: no one that graduates 2011-09-19 Preserving Modernism I saw this video, a “love letter” to the modernist “wonders” of Toronto, the other day, and it reminded me of something I wrote this summer about 2011-09-18 Why We Like Chain Stores Well maybe not you, or me, but somebody likes them or they wouldn’t be everywhere. This article goes into some detail about a reason for 2011-09-17 Linguistic Geography I love mapping, especially when it shows connections that go beyond pure geography. In this map, Derek Watkins took the National Hydrography 2011-09-17 No Walkin' in Memphis (Gardens) So this is an outrage. Please read this story, pass it along, and contact the judge hearing the case. Here’s the email I sent him: Judge Potter, 2011-09-11 Thoughts in the Presence of Fear On this day, here’s a collection of thoughts a little different from the usual patriotic rhetoric. We’d be better off if more of us read this every 2011-09-11 How They Do It In Norway Kings of Convenience - Me in You (Official Video) from eirik bøe on Vimeo. I haven’t listened to the Kings of Convenience much before, but that 2011-08-31 God's Hardware Store Inspired By… SunRay Kelley from Shwood Eyewear on Vimeo. I found this guy today, and I am fascinated. His buildings all look like Hobbit homes, very 2011-08-30 The Past in Lights I first saw this project last year, and was immediately taken by it. Designed by the Dutch firm Okra, it is a great example of “the new old” that I 2011-08-30 Grass is Dumb I posted this on Facebook a few weeks ago, but I couldn’t help posting it on here as well. I especially love the discussion about the “status quo 2011-08-29 Dumb Fans 101 I must post this everywhere: Rebel 101 from Ole Miss Rebels on Vimeo. 2011-08-27 A Better Tents4Tickets So, I think Tents4Tickets was a good initial idea. When I heard about it, I liked it. But, being out there today, it seemed like it never got past 2011-08-16 Federal Contracting, or Why the Government Can't Do Anything Right I ran across this post tonight from Matt Yglesias, and since it addresses something near and dear to my heart, I thought I would post my thoughts 2011-07-31 Participate! Everyone’s sick of hearing about the debt ceiling. You’re probably sick of hearing about Congress and Washington in general. And with good reason. 2011-07-23 Social Security Killed the Church? Ran across this article today by Doug Baker, arguing that by endorsing Social Security legislation in the 1930s, the church abdicated it’s 2011-07-23 The Family Tree How I told my parents they were grandparents now: I wanted something subtle, something that would take them a bit to see. We don’t have a family 2011-07-22 Access v. Preservation on Half Dome My buddy Kyle sent me this, wondering what I thought. Quick rundown: A lot of people like going to Half Dome at Yosemite National Park, and they’re 2011-07-21 The Glean #2 I’m currently working on a internship in historic preservation for the second consecutive summer, and my masters’ thesis is all about the topic, so 2011-07-20 The Glean #1 The Road Not Taken | Brooks does a great job of attacking one of the central tenets to this whole debt ceiling/cut-cap-balance mess: none of this is 2011-07-19 Announcing: The Glean So I read a pretty large amount of material daily. Too much, probably. But it’s been an integral part of my attempt to expand how I see things, to 2011-06-06 Ayn Rand & the GOP vs. Jesus This is a smart ad. Some may see it as manipulative, I guess, but it’s true. This is where the inconsistencies of a lot of conservatives and 2011-05-20 Jo Ann Emerson Needs a Thinking Cap So most of today, I have been fascinated by the Mississippi River and the efforts of the Corps of Engineers to control it. I’ve been reading 2011-05-18 TED Talk | Mushrooms Can Save The World I ran across this TED talk today, and I am blown away. I’ve always been intrigued by mushrooms, but never enough to really get into them. And I 2011-05-17 Wisdom of the Ancients Well, maybe not THAT ancient, but this is sage advice nonetheless. Back in 1907, John Nolen, who is considered a father of American urban planning, 2011-05-11 TED Talk | Eli Pariser: Beware online "filter bubbles" This is a really, really good talk about something that we all need to keep in mind. If you pay attention, you can already see this happening, big 2011-05-05 Vegan Black Metal Chef | Stir, You Fool! Lest the dark ones take the bottom of your dish! Worth the whole 14 minutes, but at least watch far enough in to hear him scream about tamarind 2011-04-26 Lecture by Wendell Berry: People, Land and Community Found this fantastic Wendell Berry lecture today. It’s from 1981, and by the content of the lecture you will either be surprised by his prescience 2011-04-06 Jeremy Taylor | A Reggae Interpretation Of Kind Of Blue Ran across this on Aquarium Drunkard this morning. I hadn’t checked that blog in a few years, but I have no idea why. Jazzy reggae? Wonderful. 2011-04-04 Welcome, Spring Laura requested a new mix, and it’s been much too long coming. Take a listen, berate in the comments. The General Specific // Band of Horses A 2011-04-04 Mix Tapes and Maintenance Went through and loaded all of the mixes to 8tracks and Spotify so you can listen to them from anywhere you have the internetz. I’m also adding 2011-04-04 Starting Starting Back Back Again Again Is there an echo in here? Did I say I was starting this blog back up about two years ago, and then nothing happened, and an echo of that just came 2008-12-21 Most Disappointing Albums of 2008 I know I don’t take the time to post much here, but I will take the time to post the obligatory “best of” list. that will come soon, but tonight i’d 2008-11-19 This House Is Eating Me Alive In tribute to my boredom, a mixtape. As the end of the year approaches, so do my commitments and obligations. In other words, I’ve become more than 2008-09-21 4 Lanes to the Coast This weekend, I decided to go back home. I hadn’t seen the fam in a while, and it was my little brother’s birthday. On the way there, I decided I 2008-08-15 FM Radio Doesn't Suck Yes. I just said “fm radio” and “doesn’t suck” in the same sentence. At least not anymore (here in Birmingham anyway). While a relative newcomer to 2008-08-06 The Dusk Of Summer If you don’t already know, yewknee has been running The 2nd Annual Summer Mix Series over at his site. Since I love making stellar mixes of other 2008-07-20 Pretty in Garnet This weekend, a bunch of AC’s friends came into town to go shopping for dresses (bridesmaid and bride) for the upcoming nuptials. The ones they 2008-07-18 Moviefilm: Control I had been making a go of finishing this movie for the last several days, but tonight I finally polished off control, a don’t-call-it-a-documentary 2008-07-17 New Life, New Noisefarmer It’s time for a refresh. I have not kept with this, but I feel a little old for Xanga, you know? So here I am, with all the other blogspotters. My 2008-01-31 What the Hell IS on Joey's Head? The year so far has seen some great releases. Nothing too big time, but some good music nonetheless. Here’s a take: Blizten Trapper // Wild Mountain 2007-12-17 Best O The Year That Was: 2007 (5 Stars) These are the albums that were truly the best of 2007. They are in no particular order except alphabetical, because there is no way I can truly say 2007-12-17 Best O The Year That Was: 2007 (4 stars) So this is it; my best of the year. I took a little while, and I’ve listened to a lot of music over the past few weeks to catch up, but i have