#Favorite Pic from 2013

Ever since my wife and I got iPhones back in May of 2012, our picture-taking has been through the roof (having two kids in time has certainly helped). We have so many pictures I feel like I’d need to take weeks off of work just wade through them all.

This year especially, because we had the chance to experience the amazing Pacific Northwest this summer. It was a unbelievable place, and one I would not mind at all returning to. One weekend, we made a trek down the Oregon coast to Northern California, to go see some redwood trees. Wow, is all. Just go. Pictures can’t capture the experience of walking through a catherdral of such massive living things. It’s also where we took my favorite picture of the year, which is our oldest son sitting on a ledge of the Boy Scout Tree in Jedidiah Smith State Park.

My second favorite is from the weekend we spent with my parents in Yachats, OR. A nice picture of Pop and Turner playing on the beach.

Wait, what is that…


Bad dog.

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