#Gov. Buddy Roemer’s Campaign Challenge to Obama

I wish this guy had more votes. Depending on where Paul is by the time Mississippi’s primary rolls around, I just might cast mine for him.

What he says, and what he challenges Obama to do, is incredibly important, and, if Obama was to do it, would be hugely influential. My case to Obama for accepting Gov. Roemer’s challenge is this:

  • Everyone knows who you are. No one needs to see $1 billion dollars worth of ads to know who you are. Use the name recognition you have as President to make a point.

  • The group you make angry by doing this are people that aren’t going to vote for you anyway. And even if they were, is there a million of them? 500,000? 100,000? Who, exactly, would you be upsetting by putting these rules for yourself in place? And are those people a large-enough group to make a difference in the election? No. Not a chance.

  • Are you really that worried about losing? Have you seen who you’re going to run against? The only potential nominee that could steal votes from you is Ron Paul, and, barring a miracle, he’s not going to be the nominee. And what better foil for Romney than a campaign run like this.

  • Use your newfound freedom from special interest money to preach, preach, preach how it’s corrupted Washington. Only 9% of people even like Congress anyway; show people the change you said you were bringing 4 years ago.

Sadly, this won’t happen, because Obama lacks the fortitude to do it. But if he did, he’d guarantee himself a win.

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