#Posting Old Thoughts

Here I am, trying a new blog thing. I’ve moved everything I’ve posted from blogspot and other personal sites onto here, chronologically correct and everything.

The once place I am uncertain about posting from is my old Xanga (woot, 2005). I got my archive before the site shut down (it is shut down, right?), but after reading through it….wow. Thankful for personal growth, is all I can say. I’ll probably end up posting it, though.

One of the reasons I took everything down from blogspot and Virb was that I wanted to personally have and host the things I had written. The loss of Google Reader still stings over here, and I never want to lose content like that again. So I’m hosting this blog on Scriptogr.am, a service that basically lets you run a blog off of Dropbox. All your content is stored on your Dropbox in text files, meaning you have it in your possession, no matter what. Anyway, where I was going with all this is wanting to keep a record for my kids. I have two, and I want them to be able to go back and see what their dad wrote about, what their dad listened to (which, sadly, is most of what I’ve written about up to this point).

So including the Xanga posts on here, now that I think more about it, would be a good thing. It shows growth. It shows you can change your mind about things after being presented with new information. It shows an altering of positions and worldviews that I think is important for them to see. So, if you Google me, and ignorant writings are attached to my name, there you go. This is the reason.

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