#Starting Starting Back Back Again Again

Is there an echo in here? Did I say I was starting this blog back up about two years ago, and then nothing happened, and an echo of that just came back by?

Hopefully not, but humans are generally failures, and I am solidly human, so no promises.

I have finally figured out how to use both my tumblr and noisefarmer side by side. This had bugged me for a while, because I like tumblr, but felt that I had no aim with it or vision for it, and the same with this blog. But I didn’t want to disband the blog, mostly because I think it has a fantastic name, and one that, with some brandbuilding, has some potential.

So, my tumblr has taken on the shape of an inspiration wall. It is mainly quotes now, but I will mix in pictures and music over time. I have called it Inspirare, which is a Latin word meaning to breathe in, or inspire, or excite, or instill. Not because I wanted to elevate myself above my native tongue, but simply because it sounded cooler and less fruity than Inspiration and more studious than Stuff That Gets Me Going. Hopefully not pretentious, though. Not going for that.

The best way to experience it is to click Random at the bottom of the page. That will take you aimlessly though thoughts, pictures, and music that get me going, or at least get the wheels turning.

I am also not going to blow up the Twitters with posts this time, as I got the feeling last time I posted a bunch of quotes on there that I was not being a good internetz neighbor by doing that. So just have to visit often or follow it on Google Reader or however else you digest your news.

Reading Wendell Berry right now, so expect a whole bunch of the good stuff. Really, really good stuff. Like, I’ve only read one essay and he’s my new favorite author good.

I also have a mix requested from Laura that I will be getting up here soon, hopefully today. Starting off with a bang and all that.

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