#This House Is Eating Me Alive

In tribute to my boredom, a mixtape.

As the end of the year approaches, so do my commitments and obligations. In other words, I’ve become more than acquainted with my couch. This is a collection of songs I’ve been listening to while getting to know said couch.

  1. Graveyard Girl // M83
  2. P.Y.T. // Michael Jackson
  3. Okie Dokie // Dan Deacon
  4. Neon Knights // MSTRKRFT
  5. Cato As A Pun // Of Montreal
  6. My Favorite Things // Outkast
  7. Message In A Bottle // The Police
  8. Sleep All Day // Silverchair
  9. If It Works // Tokyo Police Club
  10. Bitches In Tokyo // Stars
  11. They Never Got You // Spoon
  12. Death Take Your Fiddle // Spiritualized
  13. Scythian Empires // Andrew Bird
  14. Winter Wonderland // Animal Collective
  15. 1000BPM // Beck
  16. I’m So Tired // The Beatles

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