Best Albums of 2019

Heh, I made this and didn’t even post it last year. Anyways.

As always, every album has a Spotify link in the title. I picked 4 songs off each album to have an even 100-song playlist for you to shuffle through. Key tracks are all gathered in a playlist, here. Hit shuffle and enjoy the year that was.

A.A Bondy // Enderness

Key tracks: Diamond Skull,” In the Wonder,” I’ll Never Know,” Fentanyl Freddy”

Better Oblivion Community Center // Better Oblivion Community Center

Key tracks: Didn’t Know What I Was in For,” Sleepwalkin’,” Dylan Thomas,” My City”

Sam Cohen // The Future’s Still Ringing in My Ears

Key Tracks: I Can’t Lose,” Something’s Got a Hold on Me,” Dead Rider,” Spinning Love”

Lana Del Rey // Norman Fucking Rockwell!

Key Tracks: Mariners Apartment Complex,” Venice Bitch,” Doin’ Time,” Bartender”

William Doyle // Your Wilderness Revisted

Key Tracks: Millersdale,” Nobody Else Will Tell You,” Design Guide,” Continuum”

Jake Xerxes Fussell // Out of Sight

Key Tracks: The River St. Johns,” Michael Was Hearty,” Jubliee,” Drinking of the Wine”

Great Grandpa // Four of Arrows

Key Tracks: Dark Green Water,” Digger,” Bloom,” Spilt Up the Kids”

Greet Death // New Hell

Key Tracks: Circles of Hell,” Do You Feel Nothing?,” You’re Gonna Hate What You’ve Done,” New Hell”

Steve Gunn // The Unseen In Between

Key tracks: Vagabond,” Chance,” New Familiar,” Paranoid”

Hiss Golden Messenger // Terms of Surrender

Key tracks: I Need a Teacher,” Bright Direction (You’re a Dark Star Now),” Cat’s Eye Blue,” Terms of Surrender”

Hovvdy // Heavy Lifter

Key tracks: 1999,” Catherdral,” Ruin (my ride),” Keep It Up”

Damien Jurado // In the Shape of a Storm

Key tracks: Newspaper Gown,” South,” Where You Want Me to Be,” The Shape of a Storm”

Michael Kiwanuka // KIWANUKA

Key tracks: You Ain’t the Problem,” I’ve Been Dazed,” Piano Joint (This Kind of Love),” Solid Ground”

Mandolin Orange // Tides of a Teardrop

Key tracks: Golden Embers,” The Wolves,” Late September,” Time We Made Time”

Local Natives // Violet Street

Key tracks: When Am I Gonna Lose You,” Megaton Mile,” Someday Now,” Garden Of Elysian”

Kevin Morby // Oh My God

Key tracks: No Halo,” Nothing Sacred / All Things Wild,” Hail Mary,” O Behold”

Ian Noe // Between the Country

Key tracks: Irene (Ravin’ Bomb),” Barbara’s Song,” Letter to Madeline,” Between the Country”

Pedro the Lion // Pheonix

Key tracks: Yellow Bike,” Quietest Friend,” Black Canyon,” My Pheonix”

Purple Mountains // Purple Mountains

Key tracks: That’s Just the Way That I Feel,” All My Happiness Is Gone,” Margaritas at the Mall,” Maybe I’m the Only One For Me”

Josh Ritter // Fever Breaks

Key tracks: Old Black Magic,” I Still Love You (Now and Then),” The Torch Committee,” All Some Kind of Dream”

Sturgill Simpson // SOUND & FURY

Key tracks: Remember to Breathe,” A Good Look,” Make Art Not Friends,” Fastest Horse in Town”

Jay Som // Anak Ko

Key tracks: If You Want It,” Peace Out,” Tenderness,” Anak Ko”

Tiny Ruins // Olympic Girls

Key tracks: Olympic Girls,” School of Design,” Holograms,” One Million Flowers”

Vampire Weekend // Father of the Bride

Key tracks: Harmony Hall,” This Life,” How Long?,” Sympathy”

Faye Webster // Atlanta Millionaires Club

Key tracks: Room Temperature,” Jonny,” Come to Atlanta,” What Used to Be Mine”

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