Best Albums of 2020

So, 2020. Just glad any music was made at all.

As always, every album has a Spotify link in the title. I picked 4 songs off each album to have an even 100-song playlist for you to shuffle through. Key tracks are all gathered in a playlist, here. Hit shuffle and enjoy the year that was.

Sam Amidon // Sam Amidon

Key tracks: Maggie,” Pretty Polly,” Hallelujah,” Cuckoo”

Bananagun // The True Story of Bananagun

Key tracks: People Talk Too Much,” Freak Machine,” Out of Reach,” Mushroom Bomb”

bdrmm // Bedroom

Key Tracks: Push/Pull,” A Reason to Celebrate,” If….,” Is That What You Wanted to Hear?”

Bonny Light Horseman // Bonny Light Horseman

Key Tracks: Bonny Light Horseman,” Deep In Love,” The Roving,” Magpie’s Nest”

Phoeboe Bridgers // Punisher

Key Tracks: Garden Song,” Chinese Satellite,” Savior Complex,” I Know The End”

Andrew Bryant // Sentimental Noises

Key Tracks: Something Else,” Lucky Cigarette,” Big Hawk,” The Blue in My Baby’s Eyes”

Empty Country // Empty Country

Key Tracks: Marian,” Diamond,” Emerald,” Southern Cloud”

Everything Everything // RE-ANIMATOR

Key Tracks: Lost Powers,” Big Climb,” Planets,” Violent Sun”

Fleet Foxes // Shore

Key tracks: Can I Believe You,” Maestranza,” Going-to-the-Sun Road,” Cradling Mother, Cradling Woman”

Asher Gamedze // Dialectic Soul

Key tracks: Siyabulela,” Interregnum,” Eternality,” Hope in Azania”

Sarah Jarosz // World on the Ground

Key tracks: Eve,” Johnny,” I’ll Be Gone,” Empty Square”

The Killers // Imploding the Mirage

Key tracks: My Own Soul’s Warning,” Blowback,” Dying Breed,” My God”

Mary Lattimore // Silver Ladders

Key tracks: Pine Trees,” Silver Ladders,” Sometimes He’s In My Dreams,” Thirty Tulips”

Dua Lipa // Future Nostalgia

Key tracks: Future Nostalgia,” Don’t Start Now,” Cool,” Levitating”

Jon McKiel // Bobby Joe Hope

Key tracks: Mourning Dove,” Object Permanence,” Cold Hand Becomes the Master,” Deeper Shade”

The Mountain Goats // Getting Into Knives

Key tracks: Get Famous,” As Many Candles As Possible,” Pez Dorado,” Rat Queen”

Kevin Morby // Sundowner

Key tracks: Valley,” Sundowner,” Campfire,” Don’t Underestimate Midwest American Sun”

Protomartyr // Ultimate Success Today

Key tracks: Day Without End,” Processed By The Boys,” Modern Business Hymns,” Worm In Heaven”

Andy Shauf // The Neon Skyline

Key tracks: Where Are You Judy,” Thirteen Hours,” Living Room,” Fire Truck”

Sturgill Simpson // Cuttin’ Grass - Vol. 1 & 2

Key tracks: Life Ain’t Fair and the World Is Mean,” Turtles All the Way Down,” Oh Sarah,” You Can Have the Crown”

Bartees Strange // Live Forever

Key tracks: Mustang,” Boomer,” In a Cab,” Far”

Trummors // Dropout City

Key tracks: Late Arriver,” Silver City Blues,” Tulsa County,” Flock of Lawless Birds”

Waxahatchee // Saint Cloud

Key tracks: Oxbow,” Fire,” Lilacs,” War”

Jess Williamson // Sorceress

Key tracks: Smoke,” Wind on Tin,” How Ya Lonesome,” Gulf of Mexico”

Young Jesus // Welcome to Conceptual Beach

Key tracks: Faith,” Pattern Doubt,” (un)knowing,” Lark”

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